About Cranberry

About Cranberry

Cranberry is a little charming, fun boutique with a Parisian feeling in the heart of Inner Sunset in San Francisco. Cranberry brings together collections of hand-selected hats, scarves, jewlery, and gift items from both top designers and local artists.  Cranberry presents limited-availability, European, and other premier brands.

Cranberry fashion advisory team provides by-appointment styling for events and special occasions. For more information on private styling consultation, contact our customer care at www.customercare@cranberrysf.com.  This service is exclusive to ourSan Francisco, Bay Area clientele.

Interested in on-line shopping? Cranbery offers limited selection of the merchandises for on-line shoppers as well. View the sales section and explore the unique, fun and shophisticated collection.

Cranberry knows that the art of photography is central to cutting-edge fashion Products are exhibited not only as objects for sale, but as objets d’art.  We are proud to say that all pictures on our on-line site are real and untouched -- you’ll see no airbrushing or Photoshopping. To request prints or the back story on our photos, please contact us at customercare@cranberrysf.com.


About the owner

Susan T. has always been known as a fashionista to her friends and family. Her classic chic and contemporary style, coupled with her obsession with shopping, has made her the go-to fashion resource for those around her.

For more than 10 years, she’s spent her days working in finance and human resources management in Silicon Valley, but her free time is usually spent doing what she truly loves – helping others shop for the perfect outfit.

In January 2011, Susan decided there had to be a better way of answering questions like “Where did you get your top?” and “Can you help me pick out a dress for my date?” So she decided to open her first retail shop and share her passion for fashion and offering brands and accessories she has hand-selected.

Susan's family own several successful business's in San Francisco and Marin county. Visit the Cranberry lounge for the list of other businesses by the family.

Visit Cranberry's new shop in the heart of Inner Sunset in San Francisco or visit Cranberry's on-line shopping site and stay tuned for the new arrivals.